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    Good proposal to shift focus to mobility measures during construction
    The state inquiry Coordination for housing construction yesterday presented a number of new proposals. One of these is to abolish the requirement that there is some space for parking during construction. Instead, the inquiry proposes that mobility measures should ensure accessibility through sustainable transport. The proposals are based, among other things, on studies carried out by IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute.
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    E-commerce continues to increase – how can we encourage sustainable consumption choices?
    E-commerce has increased a lot in recent years, specially during the Corona pandemic. But how sustainable choices do we make online? And how can commerce make it easier for us to make sustainable choices?
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    Large-scale test of new method for the removal of PFAS from drinking water
    Laboratory experiments testing a new technology for purifying drinking water from PFAS have shown good results. The technology is now being tested on a larger scale at IVL and KTH’s joint research facility at Hammarby Sjöstadsverk.
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    New report shows how the energy system is affected by climate change
    A research project has studied how climate change affects the energy system. The study shows that by 2040, the consequences for the Swedish energy system are manageable, but this presupposes that climate change is taken into account in the investments that the energy industry needs to make.
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    Residues from forestry and agriculture become new valuable products
    Residual flows are an important and often unused resource in the bioeconomy. An IVL-led project within the strategic program BioInnovation has looked at the possibilities of refining residues from forestry, agriculture and aquaculture into new products. Six different sub-projects have done everything from growing shiitake mushrooms on birch chips – which are then broken down so that you can make ethanol fuel from it, to developing "cheat meat" from rapeseed cake, which is left over when rapeseed oil is squeezed out.
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    White paper highlights the role of digitalisation for sustainable water management
    Climate change and urbanization are increasing the pressure on urban water management. On behalf of the European Commission, a group of researchers has analyzed the need for digital technology to ensure better management of our water resources and to achieve set environmental and climate goals.
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    New guide provides advice on mobility services in residential areas
    On behalf of Energikontor Norra Småland, IVL has produced a guide for mobility services in residential areas. The guide is aimed at municipalities and property owners and provides substantial advice and tips on how car pooling and other services can be designed to facilitate sustainable travel.
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    Lack of alternatives to fossil-based plastics in the construction sector
    The construction sector in Sweden uses around 260,000 tonnes of plastic every year, making the sector the second largest user after the packaging industry. Most of the plastic is made from fossil oil and is incinerated when it has become waste, which leads to greenhouse gas emissions. A new easy-to-read report will inspire increased use of bio-based and recycled plastic as a way to reduce the construction sector's climate impact.
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    Sweboat's environmental award to Melissa Feldtmann

    The Swedish Boating Industry Association Sweboat awards its environmental award for 2021 to IVL's employee Melissa Feldtmann, for her significant efforts to reduce the footprint of boating in the environment. It was during the years as an environmental inspector in Österåker municipality that Melissa Feldtmann together with the ports and Sweboat worked out an environmental program that today is a guide for the boat industry.
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    IVL finalist in Helsinki Energy Challenge
    Out of 252 entries, IVL was one of ten finalists who advanced to the Helsinki Energy Challenge competition, which was decided yesterday. In the competition, the participants have had to work out solutions to change Helsinki's energy system to become carbon neutral. The basic idea of ​​IVL's team CarbonHelsinki was to design a district heating system for Helsinki that is circular and that takes advantage of residual heat that is otherwise lost.
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    IVL finalist in Helsinki Energy Challenge
    Out of 252 competitors from the beginning, IVL is now one of ten finalists in Helsinki Energy Challenge – a competition organized by the City of Helsinki. On the final event, March 16th, all finalists will present their solutions for transforming Helsinki's energy system.
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    New feasibility study sheds light on the environmental effects of electrification
    In order to meet the target of net zero emissions of greenhouse gases by 2045, major changes are required in the Swedish energy system. The conversion to an ever-increasing share of electricity from wind and solar power requires both a developed electricity network and technology to be able to store electricity when production is low. In a feasibility study for the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, IVL has explored the environmental effects that the expansion of new electricity networks and various energy storage technologies may have.
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    Mistra Carbon Exit Week: four breakfast webinars on climate change
    The interdisciplinary research program Mistra Carbon Exit is nearing the end of its first phase. During four breakfast webinars on 16–19 March, the program brings together researchers, authorities and industry players to present and discuss the latest research and development in the areas of construction, infrastructure, transport and behavior and policy instruments.
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    Smart City Sweden supports waste management project in Nigeria
    Smart City Sweden has approved financing support for a waste management project in Karu, Nigeria. The project will evaluate how the region can reduce the amount of waste to landfill and increase recycling.
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    New pilot system leverages traceability of environmental performance of metals
    Where have the metals in the products we purchase and manufacture been sourced? To what degree do mining and production impact the climate? A pilot system developed by the IVL led TraceMet project reveals the climate footprint of component metals and the how much recycled materials they contain. The industry organization Svemin lies behind this project, which has involved stakeholders along the whole chain, from mining companies to end users.
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    New dissertation examines fault detection at treatment plants
    The treatment plants are becoming more advanced and with increased treatment requirements, the need to minimize the errors in the sensors used to control the treatment process increases. Oscar Samuelsson, industrial doctoral student at IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute, has investigated how data can be analyzed to detect faults in treatment plants.
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    Nordic research analyzes fuel cells and hydrogen for shipping
    Shipping needs to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions significantly to achieve future goals. As a complement to energy efficiency improvements, alternative fuels are needed above all. In a new project, IVL, together with other Nordic researchers and industry players, is investigating how fuel cells and hydrogen compare with other fossil-free solutions.
Last updated: 2021-06-21

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