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Large variations in wood combustion emissions

Short-lived climate-impacting air pollutants trigger both climate and health issues. Small-scale residential wood burning is major source of these emissions. A study carried out by us on behalf of the Nordic Council of Ministers shows that combustion with a reduced wood load and an inadequate air supply results in higher emissions than normal combustion, this is also happens when unseasoned wood is burned.

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Research and innovation for clean water

Lack of fresh water is a growing problem in many parts of the world. At Hammarby Sjöstadsverk in Sweden we develop techniques that will make it possible to reuse treated wastewater.

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Anna Andersson

Recycling and reuse - by hook or by crook

The production and trading of clothes, is one of the world’s largest industries and its ecological footprint is huge. And there seems to be no end to how much we consume. In Sweden we buy on average 13 kilos of clothing per person per year.

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