A LIFE project for mercury decontamination of dental care facilities

Mercury is one of the most serious environmental toxins and even though amalgam was banned in 2009, most dental clinics still emit mercury. Emissions of mercury from dental clinics has declined since amalgam was banned as dental filling material, but the remaining emissions are not negligible.

The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency has estimated that there is still 40 tons of mercury in the teeth of the Swedish population.

In order to reduce emissions of mercury Praktikertjänst, Sweden Recycling and IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute have initiated a project which has received financial support from LIFE - EU's program for environment and climate. Through the project, we take our responsibility for a more sustainable society.

The main objective of the project is to reduce emissions of mercury by further developing the existing technology, increase awareness and competence among stakeholders regarding handling of waste containing mercury and develop proposals on guidelines for optimal and efficient maintenance of amalgam separators.

Project facts


  • Period: 2016–2019
  • Budget: 1,7 miljoner EUR
  • Contact: Anja Karlsson

Sweden Recycling