Miljöteknik och verifiering

Cleantech and technology verification

Independent testing and verification of environmental technology gives greater credibility and facilitate market entry. IVL has long experience in developing, testing, and making independent assessments of new technologies, in several EU projects, IVL has been involved in developing verification protocols for various technologies such as water purification, air purification and soil remediation.

Cleantech suppliers who decide to do tests at IVL have several advantages. For example, it means that an innovation is tested by an independent organization and they get access to comprehensive optimisation knowledge on different processes and on industrial needs. Buyers can also take advantage of IVL's knowledge and capacity to make an assessment of the techniques and advice in the choice of technology. IVL has its own research laboratory with different techniques for water, air and process fluids, for example, different membrane technologies, ion exchange and adsorption. IVL assists, in addition to its testing capacity, with their knowledge of product development.

Tests at IVL includes:

  • Support and advice for technology optimization and access to expert knowledge of various techniques.
  • Verification of the performance by an independent operator, which is relevant for both the supplier and the buyer, before a possible verification according to EU’s ETV system.
  • Assessment from a holistic perspective so that all important factors are accounted for, and any positive side effects become visible. For example, recycling of water might also mean that heat energy is recycled in the process.

Verification by ETV

With the help of the EU verification programs ETV, Environmental Technology Verification, the performance of new environmental technologies should have a means of independent verification. The ETV system facilitates comparisons as products within the same scope are comparable when similar parameters are tested. The aim is to reduce risks and increase confidence among the first buyers and investors.

Services in the ETV are designed specifically for small and medium-sized enterprises, which may have difficulties to demonstrate the performance of their new technologies than larger manufacturers. ETV also facilitates export to non-EU markets, such as North America and Asia, where the ETV method is increasingly recognized.

Validation performed by IVL can be designed as an ETV verification. All tests are carried out by independent experts at the institute having long experience in the respective environmental technology fields.

ETV acts as a two-stage rocket where a simple assessment carried out first. Based on the available material about the product, provided by the supplier, a first assessment of the potential to go further and conduct a full audit is made. At a full audit all data are examined and tests possibly carried out. At the end of a verification (according to ETV) the vendor receives a certificate which certifies the performance and function of the product.