Eco-innovation and testing facilities

We can reduce dependence on non-renewable resources and promote sustainable development through environmental technologies and innovations. An eco-innovation can be anything from processes and systems to services, technological or organizational models that use natural resources more efficiently, thus contributing to reduced environmental impact.

We use a systems approach where we connect different technologies for the best possible solution in terms of both sustainability and efficiency. With a wealth of experience and high 'skills we work closely with companies and industries to develop systems for cost-effective environmental solutions.

In order to establish new innovations on the market, there must be the opportunity to test and evaluate new technologies. Our access to pilot and demonstration plants play an important role. This is where we are advancing knowledge by testing how the theories measure up to reality.

At the demonstration facility Hammarby Sjöstadsverk owned by IVL and the Royal Instutitute of Technology, KTH, already more than 20 technology companies in the water treatment and bioenergy fields demonstratedtheir technologies in the fields of measuring devices, control instruments, different treatment technologies for water treatment and reuse, as well as for sludge management.

We also use a number of small pilot facilities tailored to each individual mission, to test a product or a theory in reality. In our testing facilities we can experimentally try out which solution is the optimal in the technical, economic and environmental points of view - which is also known as test beds.