Environmental engineering and sustainable production

Environmental engineering is a generic term for technical solutions that contribute directly or indirectly to a better environment. There are products, systems, processes and services that from a lifecycle perspective offer distinct environmental benefits when compared to other solutions. By developing smart environmental technology, we can reduce the environmental impact of our consumption and production and encourage sustainable development.

IVL has a long tradition in the field of environmental engineering, and we work closely with a number of companies and industries to develop cost-effective solutions that deliver high environmental performance and promote resource efficiency. We apply a systems approach that enables us to take advantage of a wide variety of technologies to attain the best possible solution in terms both of sustainability and efficiency. For this reason, numerous companies in the steel, engineering, forestry, chemical and pharmaceutical industries avail themselves of our services.

We also help industries and companies calculate the environmental impact of their products and processes — using techniques such as life cycle analysis, climate, environmental product declarations and by applying the environmental footprint methodology — the carbon footprint, the water footprint and the chemical footprint.