Industrial modeling

With the help of physical, empirical and statistical models, we help customers optimize various processes to increase their competitiveness by reducing the use of resources such as energy, chemicals and water. Industrial modeling extends beyond process modeling to the control and automation systems in order to use the models online

Modeling has great importance for process optimization and production planning. We work with models for individual processes, production processes, flows in value chains, data from measurements and mathematical optimization.

Simulation models and mathematical optimization

We create simulation models of all or parts of a production process. We combine these with mathematical optimization to find the optimum operating points in the production and can thus control the production more resource and cost effectively. Moreover, by using life cycle assessment (LCA) and cost (LCC), we can ensure that the optimization maximizes performance with minimal environmental impact.

Large amounts of data and data analysis

Our analysis tools offer insight into large amounts of data. We use a number of multivariate data analysis tools to identify trends, and anomalies, and by creating useful statistical models we explain the contents of very large data sets and complex processes.

On-line systems

We perform services in advanced metering system / process measurement applications where the integration of models online can be an important part. Our models can be implemented online in production systems or other information systems.

Examples of projects implemented by IVL:

  • Statistical and model-based sensor diagnostics
  • Self-learning process control of wastewater treatment plants
  • A bath simulator for future baths
  • Environmentally optimized steel production
  • Model-based real-time gas chromatography for a refinery
  • Simulator to investigate the effects of traceability in the forest products chain