LCA and system analysis

System analysis is comprehensive concept covering social, economic and environmental sustainability aspects based on a life cycle perspective, e.g. Life cycle assessment, Life cycle cost, Social LCA and Environmental footprints.

Life cycle assessment is a method for calculating the total environmental impact associated with a product or service, throughout the entire life cycle. An LCA is analysing use of material and energy as well as emissions generated in the different life cycle phases. The analysis includes production of raw materials and electricity as well as production and combustion of fuels and the results are obtained in terms of use of natural resources, emissions and waste. All these aspects are evaluated in relation to their environmental impacts e.g. global warming, acidification, eutrophication, toxicity and resource depletion.

Customer value

There is a large focus today on environmental aspects and requirements on sustainability are growing in general. This increases the demand for environmental information on processes, products and services e.g. customer restrictions in the choice of suppliers or demands from public authorities in purchasing situations.

Life cycle assessment studies can be used in product development, process optimization, environmental strategic decisions, market communication (e.g. in terms of environmental product declarations), in order to assess the environmental consequences from political means of control or to evaluate compliance with environmental goals.

There is also a life cycle perspective requirement within environmental management systems as well as in sustainability reporting.

What does IVL offer?

IVL performs environmental studies based on a life cycle perspective as well as life cycle assessment studies within a wide range of operations and businesses and for both small and large companies, trade organisations, and authorities.

IVL offers life cycle assessment studies adapted to the customers need, which could be quite comprehensive or more simple mappings, but where the life cycle perspective always is the focus. IVL also offers tailor made LCA tools, which for instance can be integrated in existing business systems e.g. by implementing the life cycle aspect in a production system.