Processoptimering och processintensifiering

Process optimization and process intensification

Optimizing processes is about making them as effective as possible, thus avoiding unnecessary use of resources. For companies, it creates a greater productivity, improves profitability and increases competitiveness while at the same time the environmental impact can be reduced and the companies contributes to a circular economy.

Much of our work is aimed at creating a more efficient use of resources such as energy in the form of electricity or heat, chemicals and water. The services we offer in this field cover a broad area. In addition to optimizing individual sub-processes and equipment we are also involving whole process lines, process intensification and interactions between different industries, such as industrial symbiosis. The approach is holistic and includes the development of new chemical technologies and purification plants, better control of processes as well as the evaluation of processes from a life cycle perspective.

In order to optimize, we develop new solutions in new chemical and process technology, management, and automation. In other to examine the data and find the causes of problems that may be hidden in various process data we use methods such as multivariate modeling. Sometimes there is need for a new process measurement technology, something we also developed in-house. For online optimization of processes we use simulation, multivariate or other statistical models and can connect lifecycle models over the processes. 

At our pilot plant, Hammarby Sjöstadsverk, we work to optimize processes for wastewater treatment and related processes including the production of biogas. Process optimization results in improved and more resource-efficient treatment, improved water quality, improved monitoring, greater reliability and lower power consumption as well as the opportunity to recycle valuable nutrients and water.