Resource efficient products

It has become increasingly important that we use materials and energy in efficient and sustainable ways. Resource-efficient products are about paying attention to resource-efficiency throughout the whole material, design and production chain in order to conserve resources and reduce environmental impact.

Among other things, at IVL we utilize eco-design principles that alleviate environmental impact because they leverage the manufacture of smarter products. Another slant on eco-design is to look at the manufacturing processes and ancillary processes from a life cycle perspective. This approach usually benefits both the environment and the economy.

We help industries and businesses develop new systems that promote the eco-design process by implementing techniques such as life cycle analysis to create smarter products. The process may be driven by extending existing systems, or by managing parts of the customer's system and the data  that resides there. This enables a suite of tools that are necessary to meet both regulatory requirements and the demands of corporate customers.

Life cycle analysis can be applied to all kinds of products and human activities, such as travel, packaging, foodstuffs, transport, buildings, electronics and appliances, and more. By calculating the environmental impact of various products you can find out which alternatives are better or worse for the environment and therefore the climate.