Environmental Footprint (PEF)

Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) is a proposed EU-wide approach to calculate the environmental impact of products in a life-cycle perspective.

In 2013-2018, the EU Commission has conducted a pilot phase in which the methodology was tested and further developed by applying it to about 25 different product groups in collaboration with stakeholders in each industry sector. In parallel with this work, a similar method for environmental footprint of organizations has been tested (Organisational Environmental Footprint, OEF).

Following the pilot phase, the initiative will be evaluated and a discussion will be started on how the methods can be used in different types of policy instruments for sustainable consumption and production. Although the use in policy is not expected until 2021, companies need to begin their work to calculate and communicate environmental information in a lifecycle perspective as early as possible.

IVL has participated actively in developing the PEF methodology in Sweden and the EU and can help companies and organizations learn more about, perform and implement PEF in their operations.