Sustainable urban planning

Will refurbishment and upgrading schemes enable us to make dwellings constructed in Sweden between 1965 and 1974 climate smart and attractive – without simultaneously pushing up rents to an unacceptable level? How can we add density to our cities across the board – from ecosystems to functional transport solutions?

Sustainable urban planning lets us overcome many problematic issues. That is why we work in a systems perspective that addresses everything from low-energy construction to resource-efficient materials, non-toxic indoor environments, sustainable waste management and mobility. Social sustainability and interaction with tenants and city residents also constitute an important piece of the puzzle.

In recent years, IVL’s activities in the field of sustainable urban planning have increased significantly. At present forty of our co-workers are active in this sector. We possess cutting-edge expertise when it comes to chemicals, waste management, energy and water but also in civic disciplines such as politics, economy and policy instrument design. Since 2014 we have an office in Malmö where a large part of our sustainable urban development initiatives take place.

  • IVL acts as a catalyst between business, government and academia. We collaborate with the construction and property sector on behalf of municipalities and regional authorities. As more and more people move into cities the importance of sustainable transport systems increases and for this reason we have also ramped up our expertise in the area of mobility.

In addition to regional and national assignments and partnerships, we participate in a number of major international and European research projects directly linked to existing and planned residential districts.