Construction Waste

Waste from construction and demolition is one of the largest waste flows in Europe, measured both in volume and weight. It is therefore important to handle these waste flows in a good way 

Construction waste represents almost one fourth of the European waste and very little is recycled or reused. According to environmental goals of the EU the aim is that 70 percent is recycled by 2020. The construction sector also generates significant amounts of hazardous waste, almost 40 percent of the Swedish hazardous waste is generated in the construction sector.

IVL participates in a number of international research projects examining material recycling or even reuse of construction and demolition waste. In the projects we develop new models for increased reuse of waste, develop and implement new recycling technologies and construction products made from recycled construction and demolition waste. In the long-term perspective the aim is to set a new base for a European policy taking maximal recycling into account.