Plastic Waste

Recycled plastics have a greater environmental value than recycled glass. Yet only a small percentage is recycled. Increased collection is a prerequisite for increased recycling of plastic packaging from households.

Plastic is a common feature of everyday life and a material with many applications thanks to its diverse material characteristics. Plastic is used in everything from food packaging to automotive components. A common area of use is the within the construction sector, which is second only to the packaging industry as the largest area of use.

But the wide range of applications for plastic also means that the waste ends up in numerous, more or less pure waste streams, where conditions for different waste treatment methods vary greatly. IVL works with several different plastic waste streams, from packaging to waste from the construction and demolition sector, health sector, used cars and electronics.

We evaluate different collection and recycling systems, map flows of plastic waste and evaluate instruments for increased recycling. Our projects are often on behalf of municipalities, companies and industry associations. IVL also participates in several Swedish and international research projects.