SMED Waste

In 2001 SMED (Swedish Environmental Emissions Data) was created with the purpose of collecting and developing competence in Sweden regarding emissions’ statistics related to air and water pollution, waste and hazardous substances.

SMED is a consortium consisting of IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute, Statistics Sweden, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences and SMHI. SMED’s main employer is the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency and the Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management.

SMED Waste compiles national data on waste flows and treatment of various types of wastes. The studies cover the total amount of generated waste in Sweden in 53 different waste fractions from all industries as well as from households.

The data is used by the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency for the Swedish reports according to the EU Waste Statistics Regulation 2150/2002 EC. The statistics are also used to follow up on the national targets regarding waste and to better illustrate the prioritised waste flows for example textiles, food waste, construction waste and electronic waste. The waste statistics are also an important part of the Swedish national waste plan and in research projects.

You can read more at SMED:s website (in Swedish)