Work environment

The work environment is everything that affects people in their place of work – from the tools and machinery used to air quality, noise levels, lighting stress factors, job satisfaction and operational procedures. We address all these issues with the ambition of reducing workplace injuries and improving the work environment.

All our efforts are based on applied research, directed toward concrete results that will benefit workforce conditions. We help companies, organizations and industries develop working materials that ensure safe and healthy work environments. This may involve developing proposals for best practices at various workplaces, developing simple and effective methods for work environment management, or  developing strategies for the control of third-party actors; for example through procurement requirements.

We deploy an interdisciplinary approach in our research on the causes of occupational injuries. This means that we examine how technological factors interact with social and organizational ones – giving us an overarching view of the work environment that in turn shows what needs to be done if we are to reduce accidents in the workplace.

In our commissioned work, we use the knowledge generated by this research. We help companies and organizations with everything from measurements in the work environment, to the development of functioning work environment management and a wide range of different evaluation procedures.