news | 2022-05-25
A black an white cow grazing on a meadow

New screening model for risk assessment of pesticides in grazing mammals

An article titled Screening of pesticide distributions in foods of animal origin: A matrix-based approach for biotransfer factor modeling of grazing mammals, written by the Mistra SafeChem researcher Peter Fantke and others, is published in the journal Environmental Science: Processes and Impacts.

– In this study, we proposed a screening model for deriving pesticide biotransfer factors in mammalian bodies and applied it to more than 700 pesticides found in common food products derived from cattle and sheep, says Peter Fantke, who works at DTU.

The results show that pesticide biotransfer depends on uptake efficiency from the gut lumen and the uptake-elimination ratio in individual tissues, and can be used in risk and life cycle based assessments.

Read the article here. External link, opens in new window.

Last updated: 2022-06-22
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