Evenemang 2018-09-03

Sino-Nordic Environmental Technologies Match Making Conferences in China

China, September 3-7th

Are you interested in exploring Chinese market with your technologies and solutions? Now there is a great opportunity in September 2018! After more than 30 years existence in China, IVL has established a strong Chinese team and broad network around the country which is valuable to facilitate the cooperation between China and the Nordic countries. Now we invite you to join our Sino-Nordic cooperation conference from September 3rd to September 7th in China to have match making with Chinese government, investors, companies and institutions. IVL will work with you during the conferences and do follow up with you to come into real cooperation with Chinese partners.

During 3-7 September 2018, IVL will hold the conferences in Beijing City, Shijiazhuang City of Hebei Province and Shaoxing City of Zhejiang Province in China. This year companies from not only Sweden but also other Nordic countries are welcome to attend the conferences. The main focus of this year’s conferences is Waste to Energy (WtE) solutions but other areas are also included. Chinese relevant participants from governments, institutes, investors and companies will be invited to attend the conferences. See the appendix for detailed information for the conferences.

Nordic companies joining the event can be supported both during the conference and afterwards. Companies can use the conferences to explore the markets, identify business opportunities and meet/discuss with potential partners, and follow up Chinese market under professional support from IVL.

IVL has financial support from Nordic Innovation to partly fund those activities in 2018. So Nordic companies will benefit more from the conferences. If you have interests to explore the Chinese huge market, this would be the best opportunity for you.

Aganda date activities

Sep. 2nd Departure from Nordic countries

Sep. 3rd Arrive in Beijing

IVL pick up the delegation from airport and go to Zhijiangzhuang City

Sep. 4th Conferences in Shijiazhuang City (Presentations + matchmaking)

The delectation go to Beijing

Sep. 5th Conferences in Beijing (Presentations + matchmaking)

The delectation go to Shaoxing City

Sep. 6th Conferences in Shaoxing City (Presentations + matchmaking)

Sep. 7th Back to Nordic countries

Please note that the agenda is preliminary and can be changed.

Registration fee

  • Plan A for those who join all the three seminars: 3,900 RMB/person for the three cities,
    including conference fee, hotel fee (except for Beijing), meals, translations, transportation
    within city, pick-up from airport, printing, coordination, dissemination, other services (book
    flight and hotel).
    International flight, domestic flight between cities and hotel in Beijing are not included.
  • Plan B for those who join part of the trip, 1,900 RMB/person for one city.


Contact Wang Rui, IVL China, rui.wang@ivl.se

More information

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