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News | 2023-04-06
Vy över Visby, en bevuxen mur i förgrunden, hustak, en kyrkoriun och blå himmel med vita moln

Meet the Mistra research programmes in Almedalen

Mistra, the financer of Mistra SafeChem, is organizing a seminar during the Almedalen week in Visby, on June 28. There you can listen to most of the Mistra-financed research programmes. All of you going to Almedalen, save the date!

The programmes are clustered into groups, covering different societal fields. Mistra SafeChem, Mistra Carbon Exit, Mistra Electrification and Mistra Digital Forest form one of the groups.

Green transition along industrial value chains

The headline for those four programmes is Green transition along industrial value chains, and is presented in this way:

“The transformation of the industry’s and society's value chains is ongoing and will mean major societal changes. How can we ensure that new energy systems, production processes and products can be implemented with the desired results? And how can we avoid creating new environmental and sustainability problems?

The opportunities and challenges are many and the urgency is great if we are to limit climate emissions. Fossil raw materials must be replaced, investments in new technology and new production processes must be decided, new materials and products must be developed and launched, and authorisations for establishments must be sought, all at a rapid pace in the coming years. At the same time, we must maintain and develop the competitiveness of the Swedish industry, create new jobs and avoid that a rapid transition creates new environmental and sustainability problems.

In this seminar, we will discuss issues such as how to create climate-neutral value chains, how the forest can contribute sustainable raw materials and products with the help of digitalisation, how to avoid chemical risks in new value chains, and how to measure and record progress in the climate area.”

Representatives for the programmes:

  • Mistra SafeChem: John Munthe, researcher and acting programme director
  • Mistra Carbon Exit: Anna Kadefors, researcher, and Filip Johnsson, researcher
  • Mistra Electrification: Filip Johnsson, programme director
  • Mistra Digital Forest: Sverker Danielsson, programme director

The Mistra scene is at Campus Gotland. The seminar is held Wednesday, June 28, 2023, from 12 to 17 o'clock.
A light lunch will be served.

Read more on the Mistra website External link, opens in new window. (in Swedish, just like the seminar in Almedalen).