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Biogas solutions

IVL has both specialist knowledge and a broad holistic view of the biogas area and adjacent fields. We help authorities, municipalities, agriculture, companies and industry to make their biogas projects a reality, both in Sweden and internationally.

We help you with:

  • Mapping of new biogas technologies, substrates, food waste, pre-treatment, biofertilizer and investigation of biogas potential in substrates
  • Modeling and tools related to biogas, biomethane, bioenergy, biomass and combustion
  • Market issues and regulations related to biogas (scenario analyzes, forecasting of demand, procurement, policy or policy issues)
  • By-product utilization, Life-Cycle-Management and system analyzes for biogas
  • Certification of biofertilizer according to SPCR 120, benchmarking and key figures as well as questions about biofertilizer processing
  • Help with environmental permits for existing or new facilities, environmental reports, cost optimization (CAPEX / OPEX), biofertilizer management or region-specific issues
  • Renewable fuels and fuels on land and at sea (green certificates for biofuels, public transport, hydrogen, vehicle gas, LGB liquid biogas, tank and charging infrastructure and studies of transport systems), we also have experience of supply and potential studies
  • Sustainable water supply, refining, treatment and various uses for sewage sludge and wastewater treatment
  • Air pollution, emissions to air and dispersion calculations, plastics and microplastics as well as organic toxins and residues related to biogas production.

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