Climate change affects everything and everyone

The transition to a fossil free society is urgent.

From emissions data to emissions trading

In 1989, IVL produced Sweden's first survey of carbon dioxide emissions. Today, most people at IVL work with climate issues in one way or another, from emissions trading and climate compensation to energy scenarios and climate effects on ecosystems.

Climate impact and carbon dioxide calculations

What has the least climate impact: plastic bags or paper bags? All the more companies, organizations and individuals want to know how much carbon dioxide different products and services generate. IVL has extensive experience in calculating climate impact.

Climate policy instruments and climate adaptation

Our climate policy research projects focus, among other things, on how much it costs to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and how different policy instruments affect each other. We annually report Sweden's official emission statistics on behalf of the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency and our experts participate in the work within the UN's climate panel IPCC.

We conduct climate and vulnerability analyzes and develop adaptation measures, on behalf of municipalities and authorities as well as help set and perform Science based targets for companies.

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