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Biogas is a fully renewable fuel used to produce electricity and heat for industry, and as fuel for vehicles. When biogas is produced from residual products, the circular economy is completed.

Biogas is circular economy

Biogas is extracted from organic waste streams such as sewage sludge, manure and food leftovers, and is used to produce electricity and heat for industry, and as fuel for vehicles. Liquid biogas (LBG) is a promising fossil-free alternative for heavy traffic, long-distance buses, and shipping.

Our experts help government agencies, municipalities, farms, companies and industry to realize their biogas projects, both in Sweden and abroad. IVL also has extensive experience of anaerobic digestion trials where organic material is converted to biogas.

Biogas is more than energy

Inside the three green-brown digesters at the Gryaab wastewater treatment plant in Gothenburg, it is warm, brown and bubbly. Sludge from wastewater and fat from restaurants and other large-scale kitchens are blended, fermenting for a few weeks. Out comes biogas, certified fertilizer and maximized environmental benefits.

Examples of IVL's work with biogas

Förbipasserande tåg i en stad

Policiy brief: How we can make use of biogas

The shift to electric power in public transport risks undermining the market for Swedish biogas. A research study led by IVL has developed a policy brief for decision-makers that contains eight recommendations for improving the conditions for biogas.

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Färgade bensinpump

Reference case: Klimatklivet investment support

The co-op OK Värmland wanted to start a major initiative into biogas for road vehicles, but it was having difficulty getting started. IVL helped them with everything from finding suppliers and procuring filling stations to applying for investment support.

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