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Digital environmental-monitoring for better public health in cities

How can digital technology create a better environment and promote public health in cities?
IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute and its partners have developed digital environmental monitoring within the LoV-IoT project.

The project LoV-IoT (the Swedish abbreviation of Air and Water – Internet of things) is an innovation and development project that has investigated the possibilities of using sensors and IoT to develop environmental monitoring of air and stormwater in cities.

The project lasted 2017-2020 and was funded by the strategic innovation program IoT Sweden, as part of their investment in IoT for the benefit of society. The project involved 14 project partners from business, the public sector and academia.

The aim was to develop a more efficient system for collecting information on cities' air and water quality to contribute to better health for citizens.

LoV-IoT was led by the City of Gothenburg and IVL contributed its competencies in water and air measurements, as well as digitization and business platforms.

In 2018, the project received an award as the ITSM initiative of the year from the non-profit association ITSMF Sweden, which works for better standards and best practices within IT Service Management.

Here you can read some of the reports from LoV-IoT:

Project facts

  • Digital environmental-monitoring for better public health in cities
  • Budget: 12 MSEK
  • Partners: Göteborgs Stad, Talkpool, Vinnter, Rent Dagvatten, Swedish Hydro Solution, Ericsson, IMCG, Insplorion, Hagström Consulting, Trafikverket, Universeum, Acreo, Rise Interactive
  • Financed by: Vinnova,Formas och Energimyndigheten genom IoT Sverige.
  • Period: 2017 - 2020

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Last updated: 2021-04-06

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