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News | 2015-12-17

A climate-smart shift in transport systems

The transport sector is still far from achieving the climate targets. Emissions trends point steeply upwards while the necessary emission reductions are pointing just as steep downhill. How can we speed up the transition to an energy efficient and climate-friendly transport system?

– What made you take the car to work this morning? Or the bus? Access to a time-efficient option is of course important when it comes to the choice of transportation, but norms and habits play a large part as well, says Markus Wråke, project manager for the new research project Shift -Sustainable Horizons in Future Transport, which recently started. Shift will focus on long-distance transports and urban transport systems. With the help of models and future scenarios, the research will give an indication as to what technical solutions and instruments will be required for the transportation system. The researchers will also look at cultural, political and behavioural aspects of our new habits and new transport solutions. – The transport system is crucial for our climate and the two-degree target. There are high hopes derived from all new technologies and mobility solutions, but we need to throw off old ideas and dare to try something new, says Markus Wråke. Shift is financed by Nordic Energy Research and led by IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute. Participating are also Denmark's Technical University, Transportøkonomisk institutt and Viktoria Swedish ICT. For more information: markus.wrake@ivl.se, phone: +46 10-7886521

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