news | 2017-04-28

Second-hand trade saved 16,3 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions

Schibsted Media Group has, in collaboration with IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute, estimated the potential environmental benefits of second-hand trade conducted in eight of the media group's marketplaces. The calculations show that by shopping second-hand instead of purchasing new items 16.3 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions was saved in 2016. This is the equivalence to no traffic in Stockholm during 19 years.

Schibsted Media Group recently announced its annual international report on the environmental benefit of second-hand trading, The Second Hand Effect. This is the second year the global report is presented and this time eight of Schibsted's marketplaces participate. Together, these advertisement sites have over 60 million unique visitors each month. The calculation shows the amount of carbon dioxide shoppers save each year if they buy second-hand instead of new items. The positive environmental impact corresponds to: No traffic in Stockholm for the coming 19 years Annual emissions from 2 339 817 Swedes 1440 flights around the globe in the world's biggest airplane.   People that purchased items from the Swedish second-hand marketplace Blocket contributed to a potential saving of 0, 8 million ton of carbon dioxide in 2016. That can be compared to no traffic in Stockholm during one full year. Schibsted has, together with IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute, created the unique calculation tool. - The advertising sites make it easier for people to shop second-hand, and the second-hand market is an important component in the pursuit of an increased circular economy. It is very interesting to have a figure that shows what emission reductions actually means, says Tomas Rydberg at IVL. The result is based on statistics from Blocket in Sweden, Finn in Norway, Leboncoin in France, Subito in Italy, Vibbo in Spain, Tori in Finland, Jófogás in Hungary and Avtio in Morocco. For more information about the result and method, visit For questions please contact Tomas Rydberg,, phone +46 10-788 68 13

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