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uCARe: Tool to reduce vehicle fleet emissions

Air pollution is one of the greatest environmental challenges of our time. In Europe, traffic and transport have a major impact on air quality. uCARe is an EU project that aims to provide user-oriented measures on emission reduction, on the existing vehicle fleet.

The overall goal of uCARe is to reduce the total pollutant emissions from the existing vehicle fleet by providing vehicle users with simple and effective tools to reduce their individual emissions and to support stakeholders with an interest in local air quality in choosing action strategies that lead to desired user behavior.

uCARe focuses on simple and effective reduction measures that a user / motorist can implement. In this way, uCARe provides a tool in addition to technology and policies to reduce emissions from the existing vehicle fleet. In addition, uCARe provides a toolkit for stakeholders, e.g. municipalities, in order to be able to easily assess the current impact of transport on air quality and develop action strategies to reduce this impact.

To date, expertise on polluting emissions in Europe has mainly been used to advise politicians on the limited effectiveness of new legislation and how to reduce traffic and its polluting emissions. The methods of action seldom include the users' perspective for the existing vehicle fleet. Therefore, uCARe enables a next significant step by providing user-oriented emission reduction measures on existing vehicles.

The project is led by TNO and has a total of 13 partners. The project has been awarded SEK 30 million by the European Commission, of which IVL Swedish Environmental Institute has been awarded approximately SEK 1 million.

Project facts

  • uCARe
  • Budget: SEK 1 million out of a total of SEK 30 million
  • Financed by: European Commission, project number 814 966
  • Period: 2019 - 2022


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